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Tecan offers a wide range of different consumables that are designed and tested for optimal use with Tecan’s automated liquid handling and detection.

The quality and reliability of our consumables is very important for your results. Our consumables are produced using computer-controlled manufacturing systems, state-of-the-art production processes and integrated quality control procedures.

Disposable Tips

Different types and volumes of disposable tips for precise automated pipetting on our liquid handling platforms.

Tecan Disposable Tips

Sample and Reagent Containers

A range of different sample or reagent containers that match your Tecan instrument application.

Tecan Sample and Reagent Containers

AC Extraction Plate

A convenient and automated solution for extraction of small molecules for LC-MS analysis.

Cavro® Accessories and Consumables

QC Kit

A turnkey solution for liquid handling performance verification testing for the Freedom EVO platform.

QC Kit

Nested 350 μl Liquid Handling (LiHa) Disposable Tips

Nested disposable tips - [read more]

Tecan’s AC Extraction Plate™ provides a unique sample preparation tool for LC-MS

AC Extraction Plate - [read more]

Consumables Overview Brochure (pdf download)