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Easy-to-use, reliable software is critical for getting the most from your Tecan instrument. Our software packages are designed to help you maximize your laboratory’s efficiency, with flexible and scalable options for every application.

Consistent and intuitive graphical user interfaces are key to all our software, and we are continually improving the compatibility between packages for seamless integration of different instruments.




Freedom EVOware®
Freedom EVOware    


EVO Logic    


TouchTools Suite
Our powerful state-of-the-art application software enables all applications on Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstations.  

EVO Logic is Tecan’s open and flexible software for most sample distribution procedures


The easy-to-use interface designed for touchscreens makes automation more accessible and simpler to use than ever.


Instant Pipetting™

Freedom EVOware Sample Tracking
Freedom EVOware Sample Oriented

This software virtually turns your Freedom EVO into an automated hand-pipette, enabling also inexperienced users to define methods.

  Extended process security with traceability of all pipetting and robotic actions, comprehensive LIMS connectivity, and a web-based reporting module   Freedom EVOware Sample Oriented SW is ideal for pooling applications and assay set-ups that require sample-based pipetting procedures

Freedom EVOware Normalization Wizard

Freedom EVOware
Freedom EVOlution™
Freedom EVOware Normalization Wizard simplifies the setup of nucleic acid quantitation and normalization applications on the Freedom EVO for genomic research   Freedom EVOware Hit-Picking Wizard simplifies the setup of hit-picking applications on the Freedom EVO, and allows the set-up of IC50 curves and dilutions in assay plates   The Freedom EVOlution software makes it easy to set up complex pipetting tasks like sample distribution, assay preparation and ELISA processing.


i-control™ - Microplate reader software    
Magellan™ - Data analysis software    
Straightforward microplate reader software that controls your Infinite® series of instruments with easy and flexible workflow setup   The universal data analysis software for all our microplate readers provides comprehensive control for numerous detection modes and powerful data reduction tools   This simple user interface provides basic instrument control for Sunrise microplate readers



The powerful CrysScreen SW simplifies the definition and execution of protein crystallography experiments, including result analysis and the easy definition or import of screens   The CellGEM (Cell Growth Expansion and Maintenance) software package guides users through all cell culturing processes and maintenance actions