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March 2015
24 Mar 2015 See the light with Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO

Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO reader has helped Californian company Sevident to establish rapid, sensitive immunofluorescence and colorimetric assays based on its proprietary NETs technology. Emily Stein, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Sevident, explained: “Our original plate reader was quite old and cumbersome to use, and so we decided to invest in a modern, up-to-date instrument more suitable for our multiplex assays, with the flexibility to perform colorimetric, luminescence- and fluorescence-based assays as our project requirements changed... more

10 Mar 2015 Simplicity by design with Tecan’s HydroSpeed™ plate washer

Melbourne-based Genera Biosystems has been testing a HydroSpeed™ plate washer with its Sirocco™ multiplexed diagnostics automation platform, allowing rapid, efficient washing of its proprietary AmpaSand™ beads. Karl Poetter, Chief Scientific Officer, explained: "Following PCR, AmpaSand plates are spun down to remove the supernatant, then washed to remove unbound reagents or PCR products prior to flow cytometry analysis. Manual bead washing is tedious and error-prone, and so we wanted to automate the post-PCR washing steps to provide the accuracy and reliability necessary for diagnostic applications... more

February 2015
24 Feb 2015 Tecan launches Cavro® Disposable Tips for OEM customers

Tecan has created a range of Cavro Disposable Tips for use with the Company’s popular Cavro brand OEM components. Offering customers a selection of premium consumables to complement their Cavro Omni Robot and Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) options, these high quality tips have been developed and validated to ensure optimal performance and reliable operation. more

08 Feb 2015 Tecan launches Spark™ 10M reader at SLAS 2015

Visit Tecan on booth #623 at SLAS 2015 to see the new Spark™ 10M multimode microplate reader. This all-new platform is designed to offer greater flexibility and increased productivity for cell biology and genomics customers. From microbiology research and cell-based assays to rapid DNA quantification, the Spark 10M delivers a combination of advanced capabilities and exceptional ease-of-use to simplify your daily work. more

January 2015
20 Jan 2015 Tecan introduces Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution for compound management

Tecan will soon be launching a new Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solution designed to offer greater throughput and flexibility for compound management workflows*. Building on the success of the Fluent™ cell-based assay workstation launched in summer 2014, this second application-oriented system introduces a number of new hardware and software options that simplify and improve the productivity of compound management and assay plate generation activities. The compound management workstation is ideally suited to drug discovery laboratories and centralized compound library facilities, offering a host of features intended to streamline day-to-day activities such as daughter plate generation, plate reformatting and hit picking. more