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December 2014
02 Dec 2014 Easy PCR set-up with Tecan’s TouchTools™ PCR Wizard

Researchers at the National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale, ISPRA) in Italy have been testing the TouchTools™ PCR Wizard with the Freedom EVO® PCR workstation to simplify complex genetics workflows. Dr Nadia Mucci, a technologist in ISPRA’s Laboratory of Genetics, explained: “We purchased two Freedom EVO platforms in 2010 to automate our pre- and post-PCR sample processing, and chose Tecan instruments because we appreciated the technology, the support from Tecan’s application specialists, and the user-friendly software which offered us the opportunity to develop automated protocols for many more applications.” more

November 2014
18 Nov 2014 Simplifying SPR experiments with the HP D300 from Tecan

The Structure and Biophysics department at AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal, Sweden, is reaping the benefits of a recently acquired HP D300 Digital Dispenser for surface plasmon resonance (SPR) studies, saving time, enhancing consistency and using significantly less compound for dose-response experiments. Principal Scientist Stefan Geschwindner explained: “The need for the HP D300 Digital Dispenser was largely driven by a demand for more effective SPR studies and increased flexibility... more

04 Nov 2014 An antioxidant assay for the real world with Tecan’s Infinite M1000® PRO

Researchers at the French Agricultural Research Center for International Development (Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement, CIRAD) have used an Infinite M1000® PRO multimode microplate reader to develop a simple CAT (conjugated autoxidizable triene) assay allowing direct measurement of the antioxidant capacity of plant extracts and pure molecules1. Based on UV absorption, this rapid test is performed in a microemulsified system and uses an oxidizable lipid substrate – stripped tung oil – to more accurately reflect in vivo activity. more

October 2014
21 Oct 2014 Tecan’s AC Extraction Plate™ boosts productivity for clozapine testing at King’s College Hospital

King’s College Hospital, London, has established a fully automated therapeutic drug monitoring protocol for clozapine using Tecan’s AC Extraction Plate™ and Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform. Lewis Couchman, Senior Clinical Scientist (Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory and Toxicology Department), explained: “We perform about 30,000 tests a year for clozapine, preparing the samples manually by liquid-liquid extraction. We wanted to automate the analytical process, making it more rapid and robust, and less prone to human error – as well as reducing costs and providing the capacity to grow the service – and the AC Extraction Plate and Freedom EVO have the potential to make a real difference to our workflow.”... more

September 2014
16 Sep 2014 Tecan offers next-generation sequencing sample preparation at the touch of a button

Tecan has launched the Freedom EVO® NGS workstation to simplify next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation and PCR set-up. Offering user-friendly, walkaway automation of library preparation at the touch of a button, it eliminates the need for extensive manual processing... more

August 2014
26 Aug 2014 Tecan and RECIPE announce co-marketing agreement for automation of LC-MSMS IVD kits

With clinical laboratories increasingly turning to high throughput LC-MSMS analysis, laboratory automation specialist Tecan and RECIPE Chemicals and Instruments GmbH, a leading manufacturer of IVD/CE diagnostic products, have announced a co-marketing agreement for automation of LC-MSMS IVD kits. Visitors to Booth #1 at MSACL 2014 EU in Salzburg, Austria, from the 2nd to the 5th of September, will have the opportunity to discover how Tecan’s flexible Freedom EVO® platform offers walkaway automation of the RECIPE ClinMass® LC-MSMS Complete Kits* for the analysis of vitamin D2/D3 and immunosuppressants... more

July 2014
15 Jul 2014 Tecan launches new options for Cavro® Omni Robot at AACC’s Clinical Lab Expo

Tecan has extended the flexibility of its popular Cavro® Omni Robot with the introduction of embedded control functions and the option to select single axis configurations. Unveiled with the launch of the Cavro Omni Robot Version 4.0 at the AACC’s 2014 Clinical Lab Expo, these latest updates will make it even easier to configure the Cavro Omni Robot to suit specific applications or instrument designs... more

08 Jul 2014 Tecan offers revolutionary transfer tool for automated Nested LiHa disposable tip handling

Tecan has introduced an innovative new consumable device offering increased throughput and capacity for Freedom EVO® workstations. The patent pending Disposable Transfer Tool is designed for use with Tecan’s Nested LiHa disposable tips, and offers fully automated handling of empty tip trays without the need for a gripper... more

June 2014
24 Jun 2014 Tecan unveils Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solutions

Tecan has introduced the Fluent™ Laboratory Automation Solutions, the latest addition to its world-class laboratory automation portfolio. Fluent is a unique automation concept built around the application-specific needs of laboratories, delivering more capacity and greater speed. Initially focused on meeting the needs of cell biology workflows, Fluent is designed to offer end-to-end automation of cell-based and biochemical assay protocols, providing exceptional simplicity, productivity and confidence for the automation of experiments... more

17 Jun 2014 Tecan offers Dual Z arm for Cavro® Omni Robot

Tecan has introduced a Dual Z arm for the popular Cavro® Omni Robot. Available with a broad choice of lengths, orientations and options for all three axes, the Cavro Omni Robot is designed to combine precision OEM liquid handling with straightforward integration, and the launch of the Dual Z option provides instrument designers with even greater flexibility... more

03 Jun 2014 HP D300 offers speed and reliability for drug titrations at GSK
  GlaxoSmithKline’s quest for improved anti-malarial treatments has been revolutionized by the speed and reliability of the HP D300 Digital Dispenser. The system – distributed by Tecan – has enabled scientists working at GSK’s Malaria Discovery Performance Unit (DPU) in Tres Cantos, Spain, to increase throughput for standard drug titrations and to test additional combinations of candidate compounds. Dr Laura Sanz, an investigator in the Malaria DPU’s Biochemistry and Parasitology Department, explained: “We have been working with the HP D300 since autumn 2012, and it has significantly increased our sample throughput... more
May 2014
20 May 2014 Advanced liquid level detection with Tecan’s Cavro® Omni Robot
  Effective liquid level sensing is vital for many applications, helping to avoid erroneous results and reduce the risk of sample carry-over. Tecan’s versatile Cavro® Omni Robot now offers increased process security by allowing a combination of capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD) and pressure-based liquid level detection (pLLD) on a single platform. more
06 May 2014 Tecan’s Smart Automation solutions offer straightforward liquid handling

Tecan has launched a range of turnkey solutions designed to provide fast, simple and cost-effective automation of liquid handling tasks. Based on the Freedom EVO® 75 platform, these preconfigured systems are designed to eliminate tedious manual liquid handling tasks without the need for previous automation experience. more

April 2014
24 Apr 2014 Monitoring the quality of beer with Tecan’s Infinite® M200 PRO
  The 2013 Jugend Innovativ competition saw Tecan collaborating with HLFS Ursprung and the Stiegl brewery to optimize the HybriScan™D Beer assay (Sigma-Aldrich) for the quality control of beer on an Infinite® M200 PRO multimode reader. Bernhard Stehrer, a science teacher at HLFS Ursprung, explained: “Students voluntarily participate in the prestigious Jugend Innovativ competition during their leisure time, and decided to investigate the science behind the quality control of beer. Stiegl provided samples for analysis and showed us the methods used in its laboratory, which involve assessment of cultures under a microscope. It can take a long time to acquire sufficient experience to confidently assess cultures this way, and we felt that molecular methods might be faster and easier to learn.” more
08 Apr 2014 Boost throughput and walkaway times with Tecan’s new Nested LiHa Disposable Tips

The demand for ever-increasing throughput means that many laboratories are looking for solutions to increase the capacity of their automated systems. Tecan has created Nested LiHa Disposable Tips specifically to meet this need, allowing up to five racks of the new 350 μl tips to be stacked on a single SLAS-format carrier. This space-saving solution allows optimized use of deck space, minimizing the need for manual intervention and increasing walkaway time for Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstations. more

March 2014
25 Mar 2014 Eliminate tedious sample preparation with laboratory automation from Tecan
  Tecan offers a wide range of laboratory automation solutions for mass spectrometry (MS) sample preparation, ensuring there is a system to meet your workflow and throughput needs. From solid phase extraction and liquid-liquid extraction to protein precipitation and straightforward ‘dilute and shoot’ methods, Tecan provides seamless automation of routine sample preparation applications, helping to alleviate major bottlenecks for many laboratories. more
February 2014
25 Feb 2014 New TouchTools™ PCR Wizard aids automated PCR set-up

Tecan has launched the TouchTools™ PCR Wizard, an easy-to-use Freedom EVOware® add-on offering straightforward automation of PCR reaction set-up on Freedom EVO® platforms. This new tool simplifies the set-up of applications – including end-point, real-time and multiplex PCR, sequencing, genotyping and gene expression, as well as pathogen and mutagenesis detection – helping to reduce training time and costs. more

11 Feb 2014 High throughput nanoliter pipetting with Tecan’s MCA 384

Scientists working at the Leibniz-Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) in Berlin, Germany, are benefitting from the low volume pipetting capability of a MultiChannel Arm™ (MCA) 384 for siRNA and small molecule screening. Martin Neuenschwander, an automation scientist working in Dr Jens Peter von Kries’ Screening Unit at the FMP, explained: “We have been using laboratory automation for small molecule screens for several years, and have four Freedom EVO® 200 platforms equipped with a variety of liquid handling arms. Material is often limited for compound screening, so we need to be able to pipette volumes down to 300 nl, and have invested in a new Freedom EVO platform optimized for this work.” more

January 2014
28 Jan 2014 Tecan offers Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor option for Cavro Omni Robot

Tecan has introduced a Cavro® ADP (Air Displacement Pipettor) module for the popular Cavro Omni Robot. Available with a broad choice of lengths, orientations and options for all three axes, the Cavro Omni Robot is designed to combine precision OEM liquid handling with straightforward integration, and the launch of the Cavro ADP option provides even greater flexibility in instrument design. more

14 Jan 2014 Talk to Tecan @ SLAS2014

Join Tecan on booth #405 at this year’s SLAS Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, California, to discover the latest developments in automated liquid handling. From the 18th to 22nd of January, this annual event will once again play host to the very best in laboratory equipment from around the world, together with a wide range of presentations, seminars and workshops designed to ignite imaginations and push the boundaries of laboratory automation. more