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LS Reloadedâ„¢

The microarray scanner that enables the use of DNA and protein microarrays printed in 96- or 384-well microplates.

The LS Reloaded is a uniquely versatile microarray scanner, capable of scanning microarrays printed on microplates as well as slides. The many useful features of this microarray scanner allow it to work with multiple microarray substrates and formats, and enables researchers to implement a wide range of applications.

  • Up to four lasers and 20 emission filters
  • Two channels for simultaneous scanning with two lasers
  • Three grades of confocal measurements
  • Autofocus with selectable focal plane and capability to scan through glass
  • Spatial scan resolution from 6 to 40 μm
  • Autogain for optimization of signal level and broad dynamic range
  • Adjustable angle of incidence of laser beam for Evanescence Resonance slides and plates
  • Automation-ready with Connect™ autoloader for up to 200 slides or 50 microplates
  • LaserCheck™ assists in verifying and documenting the consistent performance of LS
  • 4-slide adapter for integration with HS 4800™ Pro and 400™ Pro Hybridization Stations and Connect™ autoloader
  • Array-Pro® Analyzer software offers a powerful solution for image analysis and quantitation.

Whether your application calls for scanning a few dozen protein microarray spots inside the wells of microplates, imaging thousands of DNA spots on the upper or lower surface of a slide, or detecting fluorescence in the channels of microfluidics chips, you can obtain great results with the LS Reloaded microarray scanner.


The applications described here are not available in the US outside of the research market.