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Microplate Readers

Multimode Reader Platform

Spark™ 10M
No matter what your experiment, Spark 10M enhances productivity by bringing together the advanced capabilities of a multimode reader, incubator, cell counter and dispenser.

Multimode Readers

Infinite 200 PRO

Infinite F500

Infinite® M1000 PRO

Our highly flexible modular microplate reader offers all the main detection technologies
in one easy-to-use, monochromator or filter-based instrument.

This multifunctional fluorescence reader provides the highest sensitivity at outstanding measurement speeds and is ideal for ratiometric assays. The new Infinite M1000 PRO
is Tecan's latest innovative monochromator based multimode microplate reader with AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA® technology.

Absorbance Readers


Infinite F50 / Robotic

Infinite 200  PRO NanoQuant

The fast, multichannel absorbance plate reader with tuneable wavelength and temperature control options that can be tailormade for your purposes.

  State-of-the-art 8-channel absorbance microplate reader for accurate, reproducible and fast results.  

Infinite 200 PRO NanoQuant is the first microplate reader which can handle 2 µl sample volume. Easy to use and high flexibility in an affordable absorbance reader.