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Scalable integration of automated ELISAs

Tecan has more than 20 years of experience in the field of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) and still offers the most powerful systems on the market. The scalable Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstation is capable of handling a variety of automated microplate tests including ELISAs, enzyme immunoassays (EIAs), radio immunoassays (RIA) without detection, fluorescence immunoassays (FIA), and heterogenous and homogenous assay types; any assay requiring incubation, washing and reading steps. Modules can be seamlessly integrated onto the workstations and controlled by Freedom EVOware® Plus dynamic scheduling software enabling hands-free automation, from distribution of the sample to detection of the assay signal.


   Incubation    Microplate
   3rd party
   HydroFlex™    Readers    Barcode
Freedom  EVOware®   3rd party  incubators   HydroFlex™   Readers   Barcode  identification
 EVOware® plus
   HydroSpeed™    Sunrise™    Sample tracking
Freedom  EVOware® plus    Incubation  devices   HydroSpeed™   Sunrise™   Sample tracking
 Freedom EVO®
   Liquid Level
Freedom EVO®  Workstation      
      Liquid Level  detection
  User managemen


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