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Fully automated culturing of multiple cell lines

Tecan offers solutions for automated cloning and transfection to find suitable high-yielding cell lines. The integration of liquid handling hardware and software with suitable detection devices allows selection and assessment of those cell lines in a high-throughput fashion.

For cell line expansion and maintenance Tecan has developed the Cellerity™ system which fully automates cell culture processes such as cell line maintenance, expansion, harvesting and plating

 Antibody production
   Transfection    Selection    Cell Culturing
 and Expansion
   Clone selection
 and -picking
   3D cell culture    Cell-based
Genomics applications   Lonza   Clone selection and-picking   3d cell culture   Cell based screening
   Lipofection    Elisa    Cellerity    siRNA screening
cloning   Lipofection   Elisa   Cellerity   siRNA screening
   Cell maintenance    High Content
        Expression screening   Cell maintenance   High Content Screening
         Cell separation    Stem Cell
   Flow cytometry
  Stem Cell Culturing  
         Colony picking
 Cell Culturing

        Colony picking
  Suspension Cell Culturing