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Antibody production

Automation, sample management and detection solutions to cover your complete workflow

Producing antibodies against a large number of antigens is a time consuming process, and requires a number of complex steps such as cell fusion, hybridoma clone selection and cell expansion. Throughout the workflow, thousands of potentially valuable clones are created and selected, and tracking every sample, clone and antigen is made easy with Tecan’s specifically tailored software.


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Antibodies have become a pillar of functional genomic research, diagnostic marker detection and, increasingly, for therapeutic usage. However, creating those antibodies remains as complex as ever, requiring injection of purified antigen into mice, isolation of the resulting B-cells, fusion with immortal myeloma cells and screening of thousands of clones for their antibody production capacity.

The antibody generation process has not changed for many years and increasing the number of antibodies has traditionally meant employing additional personnel. Automating all or even just the most labor-intensive of the processing steps offers a significant increase in productivity, making it possible for a single facility to produce thousands of monoclonal antibodies annually, thanks to the use of powerful and sophisticated software and hardware combinations.



Complete workflow All critical steps in monoclonal antibody production can be automated
Sample and clone tracking Follow the project through the process with software that keeps track of samples, clones and timelines
Orthogonal clone selection Employ multiple automated technologies to assess the quality of thousands of clones
Professional project management Tecan has extensive experience in monoclonal antibody production, substantially decreasing your project risks










Are you looking for your own customized solution? Do you want to integrate a specific device? Tecan Integration Group supports you in planning, realization and final installation of a tailor-made solution specific designed for your needs.

Scientific instrumentation. Not for use in human clinical or in-vitro diagnostic procedures.

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