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Automation of Fort├ęBio Octet384 on Freedom EVO

Power your biotherapeutic development and drug discovery with Tecan & Fort├ęBio technologies
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Tecan and FortéBio have combined forces to bring you automated high through-put Dip and Read™ biosensor assays based on the automation of the Octet384


The integration of the Tecan Freedom EVO and the FortéBio Octet384 brings you:

  • Automated sample and assay preparation
  • High throughput Label-free, real-time bimolecular interaction analysis in 96- and 384-well plate format
  • For protein, antibody, peptide, DNA, RNA, small molecule and fragment screening analysis
  • Fully integrated software using the power of Freedom EVOware®
  • Application specific hotels and carriers to allow the Octet Sensor trays to be positioned over a 96 well microtiter plate
  • The ability to load all three positions of the Octet384


The applications described here are not available in the US outside of the research market.

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Tecan at the ELRIG Drug Discovery meeting 2009, highlighting the Octet 384 intergation