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Genomic solutions

Large sample populations and increasingly complex protocols require a system that’s up to the task. Tecan has a proven track record in automating genomic workflows.




Expandable, reconfigurable solutions that cover all your genomic automation needs including DNA extraction, Normalization, PCR set up, DNA shearing, and NGS sample preparation.

  • Co-developed tested protocols with all major life science kit providers – you select the science, we have the experience to make your life easier and get you up and running in no time.
  • Automated nucleic acid sample preparation with magnetic beads or solid phase extraction by centrifugation or vacuum using tested protocols for kits from all major suppliers.
  • Automate quantification of NA by integration of Tecan micro plate reader device and dilute your DNA to the perfect concentration for your assays with the easy-to-use software wizard.
  • Assay-specific set up for PCR, SNP scoring, sequencing, reaction clean up, as well as library fragment preparation and em PCR enrichment for next generation on the same platform makes the Tecan Freedom EVO a truly powerful tool for the genomics laboratory.

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