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Forensic solutions


The HID EVOlution™ System – validated solutions

A validated system co-developed by Applied Biosystems and Tecan designed specifically to streamline sample workflows for Human Identification (HID) applications. The HID EVOlution System provides a comprehensive, validated solution for DNA analysts by reducing hands-on sample handling, minimizing pipetting errors and streamlining the transfer of sample data between Tecan and Applied Biosystems instrumentation. The system includes an intuitive user interface purpose-built for forensic analysts.


Tecan Freedom EVO® - tested forensic solutions

Need reliable, scalable automation from start to finish? Tecan is the global leader in forensic automation. We provide ready to run automation solutions for your lab, designed to get your lab productively processing cases as quickly and as smoothly as possible.


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Tecan Journal 03/2011
[Pages 26-27]