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Label-free detection with Attana QCM platform

Generate biologically relevant information when characterizing molecular interactions using Attana’s QCM technology
Tecan and Attana have joined forces to provide you with the technology to directly measure molecular interactions on cells
Tecan and Attana AB have a distribution agreement under which Tecan distributes the Attana label-free QCM biosensor instruments in Europe and North America, excluding Scandinavia and those countries covered by Tecan’s distributor network. For all other countries please contact Attana directly.
The Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) technology is a sensitive balance capable of measuring changes in mass at a molecular level. An applied AC potential causes the quartz crystal to vibrate at its resonance frequency. As molecules flow over the crystal and bind to their receptor/ligand the vibration frequency changes. This change in frequency is used to characterize real-time, label-free molecular interactions.
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Molecules that bind to the quartz crystal increase the mass and cause a change in the vibration frequency. Measuring this frequency shift enables detailed characterization of the interactions, revealing association and dissociation rate constants, affinity, concentration and specificity to be performed. The cell-based biosensor considers natural binding events such as avidity, rebinding, low accessibility and off-target interactions.


The Attana biosensor platform comprises
  • Biosensor chips, Attana 100® System, Attana A200® System, Attana Cell™ A200 System, Attaché software suite
The software suite's biochemical applications include
  • Concentration determination, off-rate selection, crude/sensitive samples, clone selection/optimization, immunization monitoring
Cellular applications include
  • Kinetic analysis on cell surfaces, lectin-carbohydrate binding, antibody-receptor binding, competition binding assays, epitope mapping, cell capture


QCM technology and instruments have been developed and manufactured by Attana AB, and all QCM instruments, biosensors, consumables and reagents distributed by Tecan are intended for scientific use only, not for clinical use.

Label-free detection with
Attana QCM platform

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