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Freedom EVO® MALDI-spotting

Freedom EVO® MALDI-spotting
The Tecan Freedom EVO® workstation enables MALDI-spotting for subsequent mass spectrometry analysis, automating steps for desalting and MALDI-spotting.

Peptide samples obtained from 1D- or 2D-gel protein digestion need to be desalted. Eliminating of salt from the sample on the EVO workstation is done by ZipTips (C-18) columns.

Peptides are spotted with a matrix to the MALDI targets. MALDI targets of different dimensions and manufacturers can be used on EVO workstation to allow error-free and fast throughput of spotting.
The applications described here are not available in the US outside of the research market.


Freedom EVO® MALDI-spotting

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Tecan Journal 03/2007
[Pages 24-25]

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