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Announcing the launch of Spark® 20M Te-cool™ at SLAS2016 

Gain confidence in your bioanalytical data through tighter environmental control

Confident data driven decision-making in drug discovery builds on consistent and reliable results from bioassays. Maintaining a stable temperature is critical for consistency and Te-Cool™ now ensures that your bioassay is run at a specified and stable temperature, even for long periods.


Whether you read enzymatic reactions or study kinetic assays in living organisms, you need precise, controllable temperature control. Enzyme activity increases by 4-8% per °C, and typical temperature fluctuations during an experiment and between experiments can cause deviations in results of up to 30%. Stabilizing the temperature of your assay minimizes data variability and the need for excessive replicates and repeats, which consume time, effort and resources.

Te-Cool brings you:

  • Increased consistency of your data by improved temperature control
  • More reproducible data with higher quality between laboratories
  • Enhanced productivity for biochemical assays

Come by to see Spark® 20M with Te-Cool at the Tecan booth #831 at SLAS2016.

Find out more about Spark 20M.


Enzymatic assays are temperature sensitive. A luminescence assay was measured kinetically and best results with lowest CV were obtained when setting Spark 20M at a constant ambient temperature with Te-Cool.