Frida Reader™

Hanging-Drop Nucleic Acid Quantification: No Sample Loss.

The Frida Reader add-on module for the Fluent® Automation Workstation offers UV-based concentration and purity measurements of nucleic acids in a hanging drop.

The Frida Reader module for Fluent workstations offers the ability to quantify nucleic acids without sample loss. Designed to work in combination with the platform’s Air Flexible Channel Arm™, this patented approach performs UV absorbance-based quantification and purity assessment in a hanging drop, avoiding the consumption of rare and precious samples following nucleic acid purification (NAP). It is ideal for precious or low volume samples, as the hanging drop is aspirated back into the tip and can be used for further processing, such as normalization. This helps users to avoid poor quality results or downstream failures due to insufficient or contaminated samples, saving time and lowering costs by preserving both samples and consumables.



Dr. Marc Brehme

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Ribbon Biolabs GmbH

“The seamless integration into FluentControl was simple and the nice layout was easy to follow. Overall we were very happy and impressed by this new, innovative product and the new possibilities it provides as regards the quantification of nucleic acids without sample loss.”



Key advantages:

  • Broad dynamic range - from 2 to 1,000 ng/µl of nucleic acids.

  • Quality without compromise - precision and accuracy comparable to a reference reader.

  • Comprehensive measurements - using four separate wavelengths (230, 260, 280 and 320 nm) to enable nucleic acid quantification and detection of protein/salt contamination.

  • Straightforward processing - without the need for additional preparation steps, labware or reagents.

  • Seamless integration - below the Dynamic Deck™, occupying a single SLAS position.

  • Walkaway normalization - for up to 96 samples in ~40 minutes.

  • Effortless control - allowing all measurement and normalization parameters to be adjusted directly in FluentControl™.

  • No running costs - no extra tips or special plastics required.

Now Genomics labs can implement the ideal process for their precious samples.

Keep your precious NA samples, we measure in a hanging drop!

Learn how Frida Reader revolutionizes the way quantification and normalization are performed.






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