Tecan Partnering -
From a single OEM component to a fully integrated OEM system matching your application in IVD and life science.

Tecan Synergence™

Comprehensive OEM system development services to bring your vision of an OEM automation instrument to life.

  • OEM system development from scratch: Whatever your assay’s needs, our experts have the expertise to find your fitting automation solution.
  • OEM system development based on proven Tecan platforms: Trust 40 years of experience in liquid handling automation.

Cavro® Magni Flex

Application-focused multichannel liquid handling technology for OEM integration

  • Accelerate your time to market and reduce your development risk by benefitting from Tecan’s 40+ years of liquid handling expertise.
  • The flexible architecture of the Magni Flex platform and the accompanying MAPlinx Software Development Kit are designed to match the needs of your application. MAPlinx offers a high level command structure making programming simple.

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