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Tecan is proud to be working alongside the scientific community to accelerate testing in clinical diagnostics.

For over 40 years Tecan develops, markets and supports automated workflow solutions that empower IVD industry leaders and clinical laboratories to achieve more.

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OEM Component & Systems

Tecan Partnering offers a range of OEM lab automation products and services. From the valves, to pumps to complete instruments, Tecan Partnering provides the automated liquid handling expertise to help you bring your workflow to market.

Lab Automation - Fluent

The Fluent Automation Workstation has reshaped liquid handling and process automation. It is an exceptional instrumentation concept providing a choice of workstation capacities, and robotics, liquid handling and application options to suit the process-specific needs of your laboratory.

Lab Automation – Mix & Pierce

The Fluent Mix and Pierce Workstation automates tedious, error prone manual tasks for whole blood pipetting applications, providing consistent sample mixing and excellent pipetting performance to standardize your results.

Genomics Reagents

Tecan's NGS reagents offer innovative library preparation solutions for a broad range of sample types and inputs. Tecan offers unique technologies for rRNA depletion, library quantification, SNP genotyping and pathogen detection, and library prep kits for a variety of NGS applications.

Digital Solutions

Productivity monitoring, maintenance tracking and uptime are essential in a laboratory setting. Learn about how Tecan’s digital intelligent solutions that are keeping laboratories running to their full potential.

COVID-19 Solutions

Tecan has been instrumental in the detection and treatment of the coronavirus. With numerous laboratory instrument installations worldwide and an increase in components delivered, we continue to support our partners. If we can help in the worst of times, imagine what we can do for you in the best of times.

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