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Automated mass spec immunoassay workflow

Written by Nicholas Smith | Oct 20, 2016 9:00:00 AM

By Agnieszka Sitarska

The mass spec immunoassay (MSIA) workflow was developed to provide a simple, automated process for purification of targeted analytes for downstream detection using multiple analytical techniques, such as mass spectrometry.

Niederkofler describes benefits of the automated mass spec immunoassay workflow.

Eric Niederkofler, R&D Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific, presents an integrated approach using Tecan automated liquid handlers (Freedom EVO® platform) and proprietary Thermo MSIA™ microcolumns. In addition to how the technology works, Mr. Niederkofler presents the benefits and real world customer case studies on insulin and botulinum neurotoxin.

Discover the benefits of automation in the mass spec immunoassay (MSIA) workflow. Watch the video now.