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The top 5 pitfalls of custom automation

Written by Avinash Peddi | Apr 14, 2016 5:00:00 AM

By Avinash Peddi

What happens when lab automation projects are unsuccessful? One outake is learning that creates a stronger process and methodology. That's exactly what we found at Tecan after working with several hundred customers on lab automation for multiple projects. This presentation from SLAS2016 reveals the top 5 pitfalls of custom automation based on real experience.

Among the lessons presented here are failing to understand what the shift from manual to automated is all about, making too many unsupported assumptions and failing to future-proof.  The presentation provides valuable detail about the steps an organization needs to take to succeed in embracing automation.  

If you’re considering automation and want to know what it really means, have a look at this presentation. (You’ll never look at a dishwasher in the same way again.)