Tecan and NuGEN Technologies are joining forces to deliver market leading NGS library preparation kits and automation solutions. Our aim is to simplify your library preparation workflow and increase efficiency, enabling you to focus on analyzing sequencing results.

NuGEN Technologies, based in the San Francisco Bay area offers innovative NGS library preparation and quantification solutions for a broad range of sample types. Tecan’s acquisition of the company will provide our customers with automated versions of NuGEN’s market leading portfolio, including Celero™ DNA-Seq, Allegro Targeted Genotyping, Universal Plus mRNA-Seq, and Ovation® Universal RNA-Seq .

These library preparation kits will complement Tecan’s existing sequencing verified NGS sample prep protocols and range of automated solutions for genomic workflows, including:

  • Fluent® NGS workstation – Speed, flexibility, accuracy and precision for preparing NGS libraries, with software designed to meet stringent regulatory requirements.
  • Fluent Nucleic Acid Purification workstation – Dedicated platforms for low, medium and high throughput, compatible with bead- and vacuum-based kits, as well as enabling quantification and normalization of nucleic acids.
Tecan & NuGEN


  • Fluent® Laboratory Automation Solution for Genomic Workflows – Fluent’s leading-edge design delivers outstanding capacity and speed for genomic workflows. This innovative solution offers exceptional precision, high throughput and extended walkaway times, making it easy to get more done, more confidently.
  • Freedom EVO® NGS workstation – Well suited for low to medium throughput laboratories, offering increased reproducibility and a user-friendly interface. Can be easily upgraded to fit with your specific automation requirements.

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