Cavro® Magni Flex ​featuring
Air Restriction Pipettor (ARP)

Tecan's newest and most innovative OEM development platform matching your exact robotic components needs.

We uniquely build and deliver the right, high-quality
lab automation solution for each customer.

Flexible & scalable design

Choose between 2, 4, or 8 air pipetting channels*, and variable deck sized

* Cavro Magni Flex is also available with liquid pipetting

Robust software

Easily design, develop and program your instrument

Easy integration

Meet your genomic and other applications needs

Watch the videos below to learn more about Cavro Magni Flex's unique robotic features

The modularity of the Cavro Magni Flex platform allows you to configure a development platform that is right for you.

Features like no others…


  • Disposable tips
  • Auto compensation to environmental conditions
  • Broad pipetting range from 1ul – 5 ml
  • Able to dispense in the presence of different liquid viscosities, classes and types


  • Auto alignment for easy set up and maintenance
  • 2, 4, and 8 independent YZ channels for variable spacing



  • 3D simulator to help with virtual design and workflow simulation
  • Drag and drop editor for simpler worktable layout design

Not all configurations may be available in your region. Contact a Tecan representative for regional availability.

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