Automated nucleic acid extraction -
from DNA clean-up to gDNA extractions​

Tecan and Omega Bio-tek offer workflows tailored to your needs for the automated nucleic acid extraction from various sample types


The collaboration between Omega Bio-tek and Tecan provides a customizable DNA extraction platform which VCGS have been able to tailor it to match our highly specific needs. The platform itself is very user friendly and combining that with the customization options made it the most suitable choice for our DNA extraction laboratory.”​​​​

Team Leader of DNA Extraction Laboratory at Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS), a subsidiary of Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) located at The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) Melbourne.

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The combination of the Omega Bio-tek extraction technologies and the Fluent-based DreamPrep® NAP offers a walkaway workflow for reliable automated extraction across a wide range of DNA/RNA purification procedures, supporting DNA clean-up protocols for PCR and NGS library prep all the way extraction of genomic DNA from blood and other biological samples.


Tailored protocols to meet your needs​

Omega Bio-tek and Tecan have optimized a range of workflows using different sample types

Improved sample traceability with the Fluent ID™ module

Maximize your workflows​

Highly flexible to suit various sample formats and throughputs, from 1-96 sample per run

Integrated quant and norm –enabling NA concentration measurements and quality control without samples loss using the Frida Reader™

Simplicity is key

Easy-to-use preprogrammed example workflows and user-intuitive TouchTools™

Reduced hands-on time – enabling higher daily sample throughputs

Streamlined automated Genomic DNA extraction from whole blood samples

To learn more about gDNA extraction from low volume of blood samples, download our application note on Omega Bio-tek’s extraction solutions automated on the Fluent/DreamPrep NAP workstation.



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Tecan and Omega Bio-tek offer automated NAP solutions tailored to extract nucleic acids from various sample types, accelerating your science.