Jump start your automated nucleic acid extractions for your microbiome research

Proven, ready-to-go automated DNA extraction from bacteria, cells and virus
Tecan and Zymo Research tailored to your needs.


The DreamPrep NAP now automates most of our workflow, which has increased throughput more than fivefold to around 200 samples per day. The Frida Reader module also allows us to measure DNA concentration straight after we extract it, all on the same machine, and that’s very convenient.​​”​​​​

Dr. Philipp Lemal, Deputy Head of Special and Microbiome Analytics​​

Ortho-Analytic extracts bacterial, fungal and parasite nucleic acids from stool specimens using the DreamPrep® NAP workstation and the ZymoBIOMICS™ 96 MagBead DNA Kit from Zymo Research, minimizing contact time with the samples and reducing the likelihood of introducing manual errors. The system also incorporates the Frida Reader™ module for built-in quantification and normalization.


Tecan x Zymo_1050x120

The DreamPrep NAP workstation featuring Zymo Research can simplify your nucleic acid extraction workflows – today and in the future. The combination of the Zymo Research extraction technologies and the Fluent-based DreamPrep NAP offers a walkaway workflow for reliable automated extraction across a wide range of DNA/RNA purification procedures, from immediate microbiome or metagenome analysis to viral DNA/RNA extraction. Let DreamPrep NAP work for you, while you plan your next experiment!


Tailored protocols to meet your needs​

Zymo Research and Tecan have optimized a range of example workflows using different sample types

Improved sample traceability with the Fluent ID™ module

Maximize your workflows​

Highly flexible to suit various sample formats and throughputs, from 1-96 sample per run

Integrated quant and norm –enabling NA concentration measurements and quality control without samples loss using the Frida Reader™

Simplicity is key

Easy-to-use preprogrammed example workflows and user-intuitive TouchTools™

Reduced hands-on time – enabling higher daily sample throughputs

Microbiome extraction from human samples

To learn more about how the automated ZymoBIOMICS DNA kit on the DreamPrep NAP workstation offers an efficient and unbiased nucleic acid extraction for different microbia ready for immediate microbiome or metagenome analysis, download our application note.



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