Free Download: Find out how NuQuant® can revolutionize your NGS library QCdot

Learn how to conduct accurate NGS library quantification in just six minutes without the need for expensive equipment or reagents

Illumina® sequencers enable high capacity NGS runs, but their success relies on the accurate quantification of NGS libraries. This is critical because it ensures the efficient use of sequencing capacity, as well as the generation of enough data for each sample in a multiplexed library. Current methods for library QC can be highly unreliable, as well as expensive and time-consuming. However, there is a novel method that overcomes these issues – NuQuant®.

Our latest application note includes experimental data that shows how this method of library quantification is highly accurate, faster and more cost-effective than other current methods.

In this application note, you’ll discover how to:

  • Expedite library quantification, taking just six minutes instead of an hour (or more)
  • Improve accuracy and reduce variability of library molar concentration measurements
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for special equipment and reagents
  • Simplify NGS library preparation and quantification workflows
  • Lower the risk of multiplexing errors

Download our application note now to find out how you can enhance your library quantification to enable fast, cost-effective and reliable next-generation sequencing.

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Free Download - Application note - NuQuant

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