Step away from manual
and repetitive work

The Fluent® Mix and Pierce Workstation provides consistent sample rotation and precise aliquoting without decapping for whole blood pipetting applications.

Fluent Mix and Pierce Workstation – reliable mixing and piercing for consistent blood sampling

The Fluent Mix and Pierce Workstation automates tedious, error prone manual tasks for whole blood pipetting applications, providing consistent sample mixing and excellent pipetting performance to standardize your results.



Sample registration

Full traceability of primary and secondary sample tubes.



Verified, efficient cleaning of piercing tips.



Consistent rotating for standardized results.


Piercing aliquot creation

Sample distribution through closed tube caps with excellent pipetting performance.


The Fluent Mix and Pierce Workstation offers tube-to-tube and tube-to-plate distribution of samples that require thorough mixing, while eliminating the need to decap and recap tubes for sample distribution. The compact, modular design enables the setup to be modified to account for increased demand over time, while the flexible configuration supports different applications to be run on a single platform. This automation of sample mixing and tube piercing, combined with excellent pipetting performance for challenging sample types, provides the necessary result standardization needed for multiple applications, such as serology and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry in the clinical space.

Fluent - Mix and Pierce Workstation


Key advantages:


  • Automated 360° tube rotation or oscillation for 120 tubes per Tube Rotator module and 480 tubes per run for consistent blood sampling.
  • Piercing, instead of decapping and recapping of tubes, reduces labor, risk of infection and cross-contamination.
  • Excellent pipetting performance for complex sample types, verified for whole blood samples.
  • Increased confidence in results with verified pipetting performance using capacitive liquid level detection before and after pipetting.
  • Flexible throughput increase based on your demand by adding Tube Rotator units to process up to 2300* samples per shift.
  • For clinical users designed for general purpose use in clinical laboratories.

* protocol-dependent



The Fluent Mix and Pierce Workstation is a product configuration for sample distribution based on the Fluent Automation Workstation, a fully automated laboratory liquid handling platform for general purpose use. It is not linked to a particular assay, and Tecan is not responsible for any assay claims.

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Learn how Fluent Mix and Pierce can help to increase the productivity of your testing workflows by automating several time-consuming and labor-intensive processes.

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