Free webinar at 4pm CEST/7am PDT on the 16th of May 2019.

This webinar describes automated high throughput parallel protein purification using Repligen OPUS® RoboColumns® on the Tecan Fluent® Automation Workstation – a market-leading solution. Benefit from the expert partnership between Tecan and Repligen, bringing together years of experience and joint application support.

Eight chromatograms in one sweep

Time to market is crucial in process development, and many companies developing and manufacturing therapeutic agents have invested in automated protein purification and high throughput bioprocessing.

In the first part of this presentation you will learn about Repligen’s OPUS prepacked chromatography columns – ranging from bench-scale process development to production scale – and discover the advantages of linear performance scale-up.

In the second part of the webinar, you will learn about the miniaturization and parallelization capabilities of Tecan’s liquid handling platforms and establish an excellent understanding of bioprocesses for robust scale-up into manufacturing, enabling cost-effective process development.

  • Increase throughput by processing up to eight OPUS RoboColumns in parallel
  • Validate chromatographic conditions without the need for complex LC systems, for example, to predict manufacturing-scale performance
  • From simple benchtop systems to complex automated solutions to run multiple assays

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A full recording of this webinar will be available to download after the event.


Tim Schroeder Dipl.-Ing.

Tim Schroeder Dipl.-Ing.

Director, Product Management, Repligen

Based in Ravensburg, Germany, Tim Schroeder is the Director of Product Management at Repligen GmbH, responsible for the OPUS portfolio of prepacked chromatography columns – formerly Atoll prepacked columns – for process development. Prior to Repligen’s 2016 acquisition of Atoll GmbH, Tim was Head of Production at Atoll, where he was involved in the development and production of MediaScout chromatography columns and the commercial launch of the RoboColumns. He graduated from the University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, with a Dipl.-Ing. Degree, majoring in biotechnology. He completed his diploma thesis on the development of the RoboColumn and system integration at the Research Center in Jülich, Germany, for which he received a US patent

Jana Langhoff M.Sc.

Jana Langhoff M.Sc.

Application Specialist, Tecan

Jana Langhoff holds an M.Sc. in molecular and cell biology, and has been an application specialist for cell biology and protein sciences at Tecan since 2015. Here, her main focus is in developing and supporting automated high throughput bioprocessing and protein purification applications using Repligen OPUS RoboColumns.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.