Free webinar at 4 pm CET/8am PDT on the 26th of March, 2019.

This webinar describes an automated workflow for high efficiency extraction of multiple steroids using the Resolvex A200 positive pressure workstation and the Freedom EVO liquid handling platform to allow complete automation of the extraction method – including aliquoting of samples, standards and buffers, sample loading, wash and elution on SPE columns.


Powerful, automated multi-steroid extraction via positive pressure for LC-MS analysis

In this presentation we demonstrate a powerful automated sample preparation method for multi-steroid analysis using high efficiency extraction with Tecan’s Narrow Bore Extraction (NBE) micro particulate columns.

The complete procedure is automated using the Resolvex A200 workstation in combination with a Freedom EVO liquid handling platform, a solution which will be available soon. This offers workflow benefits including:

  • High recovery rates
  • Efficient processing of low volume samples
  • Low elution volumes while maintaining clean extracts
  • High reproducibility
  • Automated sample tracking/accessioning
  • Sensitive analysis of multiple steroids in difficult matrices

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Dr Manuel Bauer

Dr Manuel Bauer

Senior Market and Product Manager, Tecan

Dr Manuel Bauer joined Tecan Switzerland as a product manager in 2013 and is now responsible as Senior Market and Product Manager for the Tecan D300e digital dispenser and the MS sample preparation portfolio. He studied Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Wuerzburg and Free University of Berlin. During his PhD at the ETH Zurich he focused on systems biology using high throughput screening and Mass Spectrometry. He has also applied various proteomics techniques for absolute protein quantification by MS during his post doc at the Biozentrum Basel.


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