How Tecan consumables can support sustainability in your lab

Free Recycling Poster


Detailed recycling guide.

We want to help you to be better informed of how you can contribute to a more sustainable workplace by recycling or disposing of your waste in a way that reduces environmental impact.



We aim to support your lab in running more sustainably.

Tecan pursues responsible business practices that support your lab in reducing its environmental impact.

Some of the ways we do this in terms of consumable products are:

Material identification codes:
Product components are directly labeled with material identification codes which in combination with our recycling guide poster can help you to manage your waste.

Use of recycled materials:
Most disposable tip blisters are made from >40% recycled plastic. Tecan uses 100% recycled carton boxes in selected products.

Renewable energy in operations:
Most of our manufacturing sites use renewable energy.

Sustainable products:
Tecan offers products which are optimized to use less plastic and we consider sustainability in our product development.

Learn more about sustainability at Tecan here.