Interrogate COVID-19 with Tecan’s Neopterin ELISA

Offering you an early detection system for infections.

Neopterin: an early warning system

Our Neopterin ELISA provides you with a sensitive test to measure neopterin, which serves as an early warning system of infection in the body. Neopterin can serve as a biomarker for infection of the body by invading pathogens, and recent research suggests it can help to evaluate the severity of a SARS-CoV-2 infection (Ozger et al, 2020; Hailemichael et al, 2021).

Figure 1: Schematic time course of neopterin concentration in blood, in relation to antibody presence due to viral infection.¹

¹ Schennach H, et al. Increased prevalence of IgM antibodies to Epstein-Barr virus and parvovirus B19 in blood donations with above-normal neopterin. Clinical Chemistry, 1994, 40, 2104. doi: 10.1128/CVI.00380-08

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Main benefits of Tecan Neopterin ELISA:

  • Early detection of an ongoing infection in the body
  • Detection of viral and bacterial infections.
  • Total testing procedure, including results, within 2 hours
  • Good correlation to HPLC (urine: r=0.99; serum r= 0.92)
  • Validated for serum, plasma (EDTA) and urine
  • Can be used manually or automated on open-format ELISA processors*
  • Regulatory status Europe: CE**


Literature related to neopterin application:

1) Evaluation of the severity of an COVID-19 infection (Ozger et al, 2020; Hailemichael et al, 2021)

2) Differential diagnosis between viral and bacterial infections (Murr et al, 2002; Plata-Nazar et al, 2015)


*The combined use of assay, process script and instrument must be validated individually on site by each laboratory.

**The product may not be available in your area. Please contact your local Tecan representative.

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