10 minutes is all it takes for Magic. Free up your experts

MagicPrep™ NGS - Library prep that just works.


No installation. No scripting.
No master mixes. Just Magic.

In contrast to the tedious, time-consuming manual library preparation process, MagicPrep NGS provides a fully automated and reproducible workflow, allowing labs to focus on their next breakthrough.

In this virtual demo, you will see how NGS library preparation can really just take 10 minutes to set up!




More information about MagicPrep NGS

Reduce hands-on time to just 10 minutes​

Automated with Tecan cartridge-based reagents and pre-programmed scripts, this turnkey solution allows easy and fast loading of samples and running of the workflow.

Reproducibility with >99% mean success rate*

MagicPrep NGS makes it easier than ever to create consistent and reproducible libraries ready for quantification sequencing on Illumina sequencing platforms.

MagicPrep NGS Library Prep kits

MagicPrep NGS kits incorporate all the advantages of Tecan’s manual kits formatted for use on the MagicPrep instrument. Saving hours of hands-on time and ensuring a high-quality library every time.


* Success rate is based on mean internal data. Sample quality and variability may have an impact on the success rate.
For more information, visit www.tecan.com/magicprep-ngs/reliability
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.