Speed to Simplicity.
Your NGS Library Prep Pro

Accelerate your NGS library prep with a press of a button.

Dreading another day of making NGS libraries? Overwhelmed with daily tasks and need support for your NGS run? Eager to dive into data analysis and make discoveries without the hassle of manual pipetting? Trust MagicPrep™ NGS to be your NGS library prep partner and help accelerate your research.

The MagicPrep NGS system seamlessly integrates everything you need for library prep so you don’t need to worry about consumables, reagents, scripting, or optimization. The only thing you need to provide are your samples. Simply insert pre-filled cartridges into the instrument, start the run, and start your next project today.
Streamline your library prep - the Magic way.

Reduce hands-on time to just 10 minutes​

Automated with Tecan cartridge-based reagents and pre-programmed scripts, this turnkey solution allows easy and fast loading of samples and running of the workflow.

Reproducibility with >99% mean success rate*

MagicPrep NGS makes it easier than ever to create consistent and reproducible libraries ready for quantification sequencing on Illumina sequencing platforms.

MagicPrep NGS Library Prep kits

MagicPrep NGS kits incorporate all the advantages of Tecan’s manual kits formatted for use on the MagicPrep instrument. Saving hours of hands-on time and ensuring a high-quality library every time.


* Success rate is based on mean internal data. Sample quality and variability may have an impact on the success rate.
For more information, visit www.tecan.com/magicprep-ngs/reliability
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Success Stories​

Discover how MagicPrep NGS simplifies library prep by and help determine the specificity of BRD driven transcription in HPV HNSCC cancer.


Gopal Iyer, PhD Assistant Professor

Department of Human Oncology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States​

See how MagicPrep NGS simplifies library prep by reducing hands-on time to 10 hours instead of 2 days, and contributes to the development of targeted therapies in childhood ALL.


Dr. Gianni Cazzaniga, Head of the Laboratory

Hemato-Oncological Diagnostics, Tettamanti research lab​

Learn how MagicPrep NGS platform shortens the pipeline by 2 weeks, allowing TAILΦR Labs to respond rapidly to the dynamic challenges of bacterial infections.


Dr. Austen Terwilliger, Director of Operations

TAILΦR Labs. Baylor College of Medicine​

Read the Chiu Lab's Nature publication on viral co-infections in pediatric severe acute hepatitis, using MagicPrep NGS to generate high-quality libraries.

No installation. No scripting.
No master mixes. Just Magic.

In contrast to the tedious, time-consuming manual library preparation process, MagicPrep NGS provides a fully automated and reproducible workflow, allowing labs to focus on their next breakthrough.

In this virtual demo, you will see how NGS library preparation can really just take 10 minutes to set up!




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