Speed up your NGS library preparation
with the push of a button

No installation. No scripting.
No master mixes. Just Magic.

Compared to the boring, time-consuming manual library preparation process, MagicPrep NGS furnishes an absolutely automated and reliable workflow that allows laboratories to direct attention toward their subsequent invention. At this virtual demonstration you will see how NGS library setup can take as little as 10 minutes!




MagicPrep NGS library prep kits

Automated with Tecan cartridge-based reagents and pre-programmed scripts, this turnkey solution allows easy and fast loading of samples and running of the workflow.



How to benefit

Step 1

Turn on the MagicPrep NGS system and you are ready to start making libraries. No need for scripting or optimizing workflows.

Step 2

All reagents and consumables are provided pre-aliquoted in a single kit. The only thing you need to provide are your samples.

Step 3

Follow quick start guide to setup the run in ~10 minutes. Press the button to start the run, and continue your day.

Success stories​

Observe the labs benefit from MagicPrep NGS.

See how the MagicPrep NGS simplifies library prep by reducing hands-on time to 10 hours instead of 2 days, and contributes to the development of targeted therapies in childhood ALL.

Dr. Gianni Cazzaniga,
Head of the Laboratory


See the video here

Explore how the MagicPrep NGS platform accelerates the research timeline by two weeks, empowering TAILΦR Labs to swiftly tackle the ever-changing landscape of bacterial infections.

Dr. Austen Terwilliger,
Director of Operations


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Learn how the MagicPrep NGS platform streamlines library preparation and aids in deciphering the specificity of BRD-driven transcription in HPV-associated HNSCC cancer, contributing to research advancements in this area.

Customer 1 – Gopal
Gopal Iyer,
PhD Assistant Professor


See the video here

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*Success rate is based on mean internal data. Sample quality and variability may have an impact on the success rate.
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.