Miniaturized protein purification with Antha and Te-Chrom™


Flexible, traceable and integrated

Tecan has teamed up with Synthace to enhance the flexibility of miniaturized protein purification with Te-Chrom on our proven Freedom EVO® platform.

Setting up and analyzing sophisticated protein purification processes on a liquid handling platform can be time consuming and requires a basic understanding of programming, taking up precious research time with protocol development.

Antha is a cloud-based software solution enabling scientists to plan and execute complex liquid handling protocols without the need for programming knowledge. It also collates and structures experimental data, generating tables and chromatograms for faster and more straightforward analysis.


Miniaturized Purification with Antha and Te-Chrom™ from Synthace


How does it work?

  • Design, preview and save your purification workflow from your desk
  • Antha interacts directly with the liquid handling platform’s software to execute the workflow
  • All experimental data is sorted and structured by Antha for further analysis

Who will benefit from using Antha for Te-Chrom?

  • Batch processing users that need to easily keep track of varying run conditions
  • Process optimization users running sophisticated Design of Experiments (DoE) workflows in upstream or downstream process development

Flexibly plan, modify, save and run your purification protocol without the need to code

Watch the Antha software demo and learn how to easily set up chromatography processes.

Watch software demo

For research use only.