A single platform to automate proteomics sample prep workflows

Streamlined Proteomics Sample Preparation Automation

Tecan's advanced automation solutions are tailored to address the complexities of proteomics sample preparation. Our Resolvex® i300 module, an integrated component of the Fluent® automation workstation, consolidates sample prep, cleanup, evaporation, and resuspension tasks into one seamless operation.

Complemented by our innovative AffinEx® affinity purification columns and digital tools like Introspect™ and LabNavigator™, we empower your transition to a fully automated, error-reduced, and ROI-driven lab environment.

Streamlined Proteomics Sample Preparation Automation

From sample transport and LIMS registration to solid phase extraction prior to analysis, Tecan offers a single integrated platform solution that works with your proteomics sample preparation workflows, regardless of reagents, labware, throughput, or format.


With the growing efficiency of MS analysis tools, manual sample preparation has become a bottleneck. The Resolvex i300 on the Fluent addresses this by automating sample prep, cleanup, evaporation, and resuspension in one platform, overcoming these challenges.

SPE Consumables & Reagents​

Protein affinity columns can be challenging to manage since they must be shipped in a wet state due to the nature of the sorbent. Tecan affinity columns eliminate this requirement, combining this advantage with the benefits of the NBE consumable format. This format transforms your column into a reaction vessel.

Digital Suite​

LabNavigator creates a customized digital rendering of your lab and instruments that guides lab techs through workflow steps and SOPs with an intuitive interface. Introspect monitors and optimizes instrument use and up time. Together enhancing efficiency, letting researchers concentrate on core tasks.

Key benefits and specifications

Waste reduction & error avoidance

  • Integrated waste saves plastic and enables waste tracking.
  • Patented dual-function NBE™ columns enable on-column digestion or incubations.
  • Proprietary digital tools monitor tip and labware consumption while ensuring SOP compliance.

Confidence in your analysis

  • Droplet protection enables built in cross-contamination avoidance by design.
  • Fluent offers support for your GxP audit trail and a single chain of custody for your workflow.
  • Resolvex i300 enables absolute pressure gradients resulting in better extraction performance and reproducibility.


*The Resolvex i300 is not available for sale, yet and these values are pending verification and are not guaranteed.

Dispenser chemical compatibility*
70% Ethanol
99% Acetonitrile
99% Methanol
99% Isopropanol
99% Dichloromethane
99% Acetone
99% Toluene
99% THF
99% Hexane
30% Ammonium Hydroxide
1M Sodium Hydroxide
2% Hydrochloric acid in deionized water
2% Trifluoracetic acid in deionized water
6M Guanidine hydrochloride solution

Function Specification*
Pressure range 0-80psi / 0-5.5bar
Dispenser buffer connections 12
Dispensing range 30ul to 6ml
Evaporator Flow Rate 30 to 90 l/min
Evaporator temperature range RT to 80°C

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