Resolvex® A200 Omics and Resolvex A200 24

Boost nucleic acid purification throughput and proteomics workflow efficiency with the next generation of Resolvex A200 positive pressure processors 

This industry-leading system offers researchers a number of key benefits for semi- or fully automated sample preparation, including:

  • Positive gas pressure processing – provides maximum reproducibility
  • Pneumatic clamping system – ensures consistent pressures
  • Precise flow control – reduces processing times and enhances performance
  • Programmable liquid dispensing – for up to 11 solvents
  • Sensor-controlled movement – to perfectly position the dispense head at each step
  • Easy programming – process 1 to 96 samples at the touch of a button
  • Workflow automation – in combination with Tecan liquid handling platforms

Reducing particulates for molecular biology workflows

The Resolvex A200 Omics is a standalone unit that you can operate anywhere in your lab to minimize the possibility of sample contamination in proteomic workflows. It incorporates a HEPA filter and enclosed environment to reduce the risk of dust and airborne particles – such as keratin – affecting results, helping to ensure high quality results and higher sample throughput for MS-based applications.

Key features:

  • HEPA filter – delivers consistent filtered air to significantly reduce particulates
  • Fully enclosed design – with magnetic cover to prevent particles from entering unit during operation
  • 24- or 96-channel manifold – to suit a variety of workflows

Robust high volume workflows

The Resolvex A200 24 enables you to use larger format columns and 24-well plates for large volume sample preparation. Available with a number of cleverly designed accessories, it allows you to run additional workflows – such as giga-sized nucleic acid purification (NAP) methods – with minimal human intervention for optimized throughput and accuracy.

Key features:

  • Format flexibility – process 1, 3 or 6 ml columns, plus 24-well plates
  • Redesigned waste management – to reduce long-term contamination
  • Ready for downstream applications – choice of racks to suit different elution needs
  • Specialty racks and adapters – to accommodate new workflows, such as giga-sized NAP

Safe sampling and screening in veterinary diagnostics

To learn more about global disease prevention in the context of molecular veterinary workflows, download our application note on MACHEREY-NAGEL'S extraction solutions automated on the DreamPrep NAP workstation.



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