Automated sample preparation for LC-MS

Resolvex® Prep: Automated sample preparation for analytical laboratories.

Introducing Resolvex Prep, the ideal solution for low throughput to medium sample preparation needs in chromatography and mass spectrometry laboratories. Say goodbye to manual inefficiencies and errors. Resolvex Prep streamlines the process, preparing samples for multiple instruments and delivering them directly into sealed vials for analysis. With its rapid programming and modular configuration, setup is a breeze, allowing seamless transitions between different sample types. Maximize efficiency with unattended operation day and night. Upgrade your laboratory's sample preparation process with Resolvex Prep.

Unique micro SPE cartridges can be automated on Resolvex Prep. μSPEed uses a one-way valve for one direction sample loading using a positive displacement analytical syringe. High pressures allow 3 μm sorbents to be used, resulting in clean, high-efficiency separations.

From performance syringes to specialized deck accessories, a range of accessories and consumables will enhance your automated sample preparation.

Key Advantages

Scaled Efficiency and Productivity

Allocate 5-15 minutes to program your workflow, and Resolvex Prep will handle the remaining tasks on your behalf.

Simple Method Optimization and Validation

Utilize Resolvex Prep's versatile software to experiment with various variables and determine the most effective methodology.

Eliminate Human Errors

By eliminating human errors and the variability associated with varying sample preparation skills, achieve more consistent and reproducible outcomes.

Environmentally Conscious Processes

The automation of analytical syringes enables precise utilization of smaller reagent and solvent volumes, thereby reducing wastage.

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