Tecan Expert Bio

Introducing Tecan Expert Bronwen Forster

Hello, I am Bronwen. I always enjoy helping others in the industry to meet their challenges, so I am looking forward to being one of the Tecan Experts at SLAS2016.


What’s my background?

The following short bio gives you a little information about me, my expertise and my role at Tecan. It might help you know what areas I can help you with at the show.

I took Agricultural Sciences at Aberystwyth University, UK, followed by post-graduate studies in Microbial Chemistry at Leeds University. I took a job with Tecan in 1985 and I’ve been there ever since. My career has ranged from being one of the founder members of Tecan UK in 1987, through Head of Marketing at Tecan in Switzerland, to product management where I helped develop the Fluent platform.

What attracted me to Tecan?

Like a lot of people here I am constantly amazed by the quality of the people. Our teams have a genuine enthusiasm for the work and getting the best for their customers. This is an exciting world to be in, especially in product management where we work with customers who are right on the cutting edge of discovery and development. I enjoy being able to get in at the beginning of something, helping companies to move their programs along and become more productive.

How can I help you at SLAS2016?

As a product manager I can help you whatever stage you are at. If you are just thinking about getting started with automation then I can go through different possibilities for how your company can use robotics to improve its workflows. If you’re already experienced in the field we can discuss specific challenges you have or the latest hot topics, like liquid level detection technologies or how to physically integrate a range of different devices.

Do I have an area of expertise?

Over my 30 years at Tecan I’ve gained a great deal of experience in creating innovative ways to automate manual processes – whatever they may be. Today I am particularly interested in how I can move customer needs earlier into the development process. I bring more of an application focus to R&D, making sure that our technological developments are linked intrinsically to solving specific customer challenges.

I look forward very much to meeting you, discussing any manner of automation questions and helping you to be empowered by Tecan.