Tecan Expert Bio

Introducing Tecan Expert Jon Smith

Hello, my name’s Jon and I am going to be one of the Tecan Experts at SLAS2016.


What’s my background?

It’s going to be a great event and I’ll be very happy to help you understand how Lab Automation can help your business. Here’s a little bit about me so you can understand my experience and see how it’s relevant to your specific challenges.

I took my Masters in Radiobiology at Idaho State University, where I focused largely on molecular biology and looked at various aspects of Genomics. I used this experience to get a job at molecular diagnostics company called Genomic Health. As part of their research into personalised medication I was involved in many screening studies looking at markers of cancer.

What attracted me to Tecan?

I had become familiar with the automation machinery and software used in screening processes. If I was to work in this field Tecan was the logical choice. I joined the company seven years ago as an assay development specialist, working with customers to create automated versions of manual assays.

How can I help you at SLAS2016?

If you have any questions regarding automation of Next Generation Sequencing, then I can help. It can be seen as an intimidating subject but there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel confident that automation will make a massive difference. Tecan has extensive experience in automating genomic workflow. I can also talk you through the benefits you can expect, like maximising reproducibility and reducing human error.

Do I have an area of expertise?

I now help manage Genomics for the US part of the business, working closely with a number of partners to provide the very best service to our customers. Through my role I have developed a specialist knowledge of automation in NGS.

I look forward very much to meeting you, discussing how to solve your challenges and helping you to be empowered by Tecan.