An update on happenings at SLAS2016 in San Diego from Tecan
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Meet a Tecan Expert at SLAS2016

Dear Lab User,

Here's the last of your six daily updates from SLAS2016

SLAS2016 has been an exciting and enlightening event for many of us, with record attendance this year of 6293 people. Thank you to those who visited our booth and allowed us to get to know you a bit. Tecan is always eager to hear about your challenges and successes. 


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On the second day of SLAS 2016, Tecan Application Scientist Joe Sullivan, along with Keith Albert and George Rodrigues from Artel USA, offered a lunch and learn session on standardizing Tecan Freedom EVO®  liquid handling platforms using the QC Kit™.

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Lunch and Learn Tecan

Guess how many tecan tips

Who won the Apple Watch?

We know you’ve all been wondering. We do have a winner for the Tecan Apple Watch giveaway, even if we can’t announce her name yet. The correct answer was 1656 Tecan tips in the jar and the winner guessed 1720 – pretty close.

Ironically, the Tecan people who stared at the jar full of tips all day tried to apply logic and failed miserably. The closest Tecan guess was 950. Sometimes it’s best to just take a shot in the dark.

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winner!

Manuel Bauer SLAS2016

Picoliter dispensing will help you save time, reagents and hazardous waste.”

—Tecan Expert Manuel Bauer during his talk "Miniaturization empowered" at SLAS2016 Wednesday morning

Anonietta Allocca TecanOur intrepid reporter, Antonietta Allocca, reports on her experience at SLAS2016.

I’m part of the Tecan team enjoying the experience of SLAS2016.  I’d love to share my thoughts on the event with you.


Impressions from SLAS2016

One of the things that really struck me about SLAS2016 this year is that people knew what they wanted and came with their budgets already decided. Also, they knew who’d be exhibiting at the show and what they had to offer. People had done their homework.

This was fantastic for our Tecan Experts who didn’t have a dull moment. They were constantly engaged in talking about the science of our products, applications, configuration and so on. And the people most in demand were software engineers.

From my perspective, it seems like it's the software that really sells instruments. All the hardware on offer at SLAS2016 is expected to be of the highest quality - it’s a given – so it’s software quality that makes the difference. Backed by expertise, of course.

Which is what Tecan definitely delivers.

Fluent® and Tecan D300e – the stars of the show

Apart from our wonderful Tecan experts, the stars of the show were the Fluent and our Tecan D300e digital titration system. We actually sold six instruments during the show, which is a first in the US. It happens in China, where you see customers negotiating on the booth, but not here.

Seeing products in action really helped people. I watched as visitors prepared scripts for the Fluent and D300E and had them running within five minutes. They just loved the speed and flexibility.

Young, gifted and engineers

One thing I noticed this year at SLAS2016 is that the vibe was really optimistic, and I think I’ve figured out one of the reasons why. There are just so many more young people here. Many of the customers we spoke to were in their thirties and, with all due respect, we usually expect them to be much older.

I find this really exciting because it means that companies in our industry are investing in the new generations, in forming people. There’s a thirst for fresh minds.

As ever, Tecan is at the forefront of this industry trend. Our Tecan experts at booth 831— for example, Hal, Rohit, Manuel and Enrique, to name a few —are all in their early thirties.

On not meeting the rock and roll engineer

I was so looking forward to Adam Steltzner’s closing keynote and getting a selfie with the man. But I was so busy at booth 831 talking to important customers that I completely missed him. It obviously wasn’t written in the stars. 

I’ve heard great things about Adam’s book The Right Kind of Crazy so I’ve ordered it. And, of course, there’s our profile of Adam on our SLAS2016 page.

Goodbye San Diego

I’ve had a great time in San Diego, enjoying a taste of spring and I’m thrilled about how well it’s gone for Tecan here.

So thanks SLAS2016 for another great show, thanks to our excellent presenters and, of course, to the Tecan Experts. You know who you are.

Tecan Booth speaker Wolfgang Jorg SLAS2016
Wolfgang Jörg’s presentation “The Path from Testing to a Successful Project” was one of our highlights at SLAS2016.


Hal with Fluent
Tecan expert Hal Wehrenberg presented a talk on "Self-aware automation" and answered questions about Fluent for booth visitors at SLAS2016.

SLAS2016 Tecan Experts

See you again soon!

Good bye and good luck from the Tecan Experts and everyone at Tecan. Remember, we're here anytime you need us. Feel free to schedule a meeting to speak to us later.


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