Tecan Synergence®

Comprehensive OEM services focused on the development of automated solutions for diagnostics and life sciences.

All-inclusive OEM services for creation and realization of exceptional lab automation solutions

Outsourcing your system engineering project brings efficiencies and potential but also carries risks. A trusted OEM partner by your side to support every step – from product ideation to development, launch and beyond – is essential. Tecan Synergence offers a unique approach to developing lab automation solutions, providing exceptional OEM services along the whole lifecycle of your instrument.

Synergence core offering

Our core offering includes the services necessary to bring your lab automation solution to market while meeting the highest quality standards and ensuring your full satisfaction.
With a 40-year history in lab automation, Tecan Synergence has vast experience in bringing IVD systems to market. Let our experts describe the hallmarks of our core program and what is needed to successfully launch your instrument.


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Synergence additional offering

Our additional services complement your in-house expertise, bringing further training and consulting, servicing your instruments in the field or taking care of more in-depth lifecycle management.
Tecan Synergence can operate as an extension of your team, offering additional OEM services that complement your reach. Our experts explain how our next-tier services can help.


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Discover the benefits of Tecan Synergence’s OEM services


Tailored solutions to meet your exact needs

In-depth understanding of your application

Presence in 52 countries worldwide

40 years of experience in automating workflows


At the forefront of technological innovation through our end-user business

Understanding of future trends

Numerous customer success stories for IVD and life sciences


Highest quality standards

Ahead of the regulatory challenge

Always there for you

Tecan Synergence covers numerous applications in IVD and life sciences


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