New Packaging of Tecan Pure Clear Tips

Our new Tecan Pure 200 µl and 1000 µl clear tips* are ready to order! The tips are packaged in a flexible sleeve rather than a blister, offering you a more compact and lightweight option while retaining tip purity (Human DNA free, PCR inhibitor free, DNase/RNase free) and ensuring reliable results.

New packaging benefits include:

  • 45% less plastic packaging than before**
     - Less waste in your lab, disposal costs reduced
     - Lighter product, easier to transport
  • Optimized packaging configurations
     - Less storage space needed to fit more on your shelves
     - Logistics costs reduced with less dead space between tip racks

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*Clear tips are only for use with Air LiHa, Air FCA and Cavro ADP. Not suitable for cLLD or instrument qualification.
**Compared (weight-wise) to conventional blister packaging