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Next generation sequencing is revolutionizing the study of transcriptomics, with mRNA-Seq rapidly becoming the sequencing method of choice for gene expression studies in a wide range of organisms. The workflow for mRNA-Seq library preparation and quantification involves multiple library QC steps that can be time consuming and introduce sample-to-sample variability.

Learn how to reproducibly automate mRNA library preparation, quantification, normalization and pooling in a single workflow in our new application note.

We demonstrate a streamlined workflow for mRNA-Seq, from library preparation to pooling, using fully automated systems. This workflow can be completed in under nine hours, with minimal user input.

In this application note, you’ll discover how to:

  • Complete library prep and QC for mRNA-Seq libraries in a day
  • Eliminate sample loss during library QC
  • Improve reproducibility between users
  • Reduce sample-to-sample variability

Download our application note now to find out how combining fully automated liquid handling protocols with the right library preparation kit can transform the mRNA-Seq workflow in your lab.

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Free Download - Application note - mRNA

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