Join our Automation Seminar at TIAFT 2019

Meet our experts in MS sample prep. Our workshop speakers will present innovative workflows using positive pressure workstations to prepare analytical samples.


Seminar details:

  • Thursday 5th September 2019
  • 5:45-7:15pm
  • At ICC



  • Broad spectrum SPE in multiple matrices using positive pressure technology
  • The potential utility of differential elution to reduce ion suppression from samples with high gabapentin concentrations
  • New extraction strategies and column chemistry to cover challenging analytes:
    - Ethyl Glucuronide/Ethyl Sulfate (EtG/EtS)
    - Thyroid Hormones (T3, rT3 and T4)
    - Catecholamine’s
  • Other application areas:
    - Proteomics
    - Protein purification
    - Metabolite screening

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