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Food intolerances comprise the majority of the adverse reactions which individuals have to certain types of food. Due to delayed reactions, usually arising in 24-72 hours after food intake, it is often impossible to establish an obvious relationship between the symptom and specific food.

Tecan offers a ready solution developed to overcome mentioned challenges in food intolerance diagnostics by quantifying the body’s immune response.

Food Screen ELISAs are state-of-the-art blood tests intended for rapid, sensitive and reliable detection of food specific IgG and IgG4 antibodies involved in food intolerance reactions.

Benefits of Tecan Food Screen ELISAs* for

The lab:

  • Quick and easy testing procedure
  • State-of-the-art automation for individual lab throughput
  • Reliable and consistent results
  • IgG and IgG4 tests are available
  • High-quality allergens on the plate
  • Wide range of panels available


Dietitians and patients:

  • Minimally invasive with easy sample collection
  • Capillary blood as sample type
  • Quick, reliable and consistent results
  • IgG and IgG4 tests are available

Freedom EVOlyzer® combined with Food Screen ELISAs**

Turnkey automation solution tailored to food intolerance testing can bring additional benefits to the lab. Let’s start with the workflow analysis and make sure your lab is getting correct and reliable results to be reported to the patients.

The Freedom EVOlyzer® meets the demands of laboratories which process between 4 and 12 plates per run. Combine up to 15 assays per run for better result comparability of entire diagnostic panels.

  • Continuous sample and reagent loading
  • Support of disposable tips, fixed tips or a mix of both for increased productivity and safety
  • Dynamic scheduling for optimized run times
  • Unattended overnight runs
  • Reliable pipetting of complex and delicate sample types
  • And much more...
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*Distributed by IBL International GmbH, Tecan Group.
**The combined use of assays, process script and open system instrument (e.g. EVOlyzer®, ThunderBolt®) has to be validated individually on site by each laboratory.