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ROI from the LC/MS lab: challenges in a regulated environment

Written by Rohit Schroff | Nov 2, 2017 7:26:10 PM
By Rohit Schroff

The popularity of mass spectrometry based testing is growing all the time. As a result, businesses in the diagnostics industry offering mass-spectrometry-based clinical assays, especially analytical laboratories in toxicology environments, are facing a number of major challenges. These include meeting scaling requirements that are non-linear, overcoming regulatory uncertainties while guaranteeing business continuity, raising ROI on LC/MS instruments and lowering turnaround times.

So, if your business is offering mass-spectrometry-based tests, how do you make sure it continues to run smoothly and increase profitability for the long-term? In this short, powerful film, Rohit Shroff, Head of Sales Development, EMEA for the Life Science Markets at Tecan, offers a single, simple answer.

See what Rohit has to say now.