Accelerate your liquid biopsy workflow

Do you use cell-free DNA or extracellular vesicles as biomarkers for clinical research? Looking for a standardized workflow for HTP plasma/buffy coat separation and sensitive downstream assays?

Discover how a standardized workflow tailored for liquid biopsies can improve both the quantity and quality of your samples.


Standardized workflows for your liquid biopsy analysis

Our solutions cover everything from plasma/buffy coat separation to downstream nucleic acid extraction, and next-generation sequencing (NGS). Below is an example of automated sample preparation for NGS analysis:

automated sample preparation for NGS analysis

Tailored for mass spectrometry-based proteomics workflows, we offer a seamlessly integrated solution for sample preparation and downstream solid-phase extraction.


Scientific Citations

Tecan's solutions have empowered over 700 liquid biopsy studies since 2014. We are dedicated to accelerating research and scaling up healthcare solutions worldwide.

700 liquid biopsy studies since 2014

Collaborating to advance liquid biopsy analysis

We continually strive to offer innovative, accessible and always reliable solutions.


Relevant products

Fast. Accurate. Reproducible. Accelerate your liquid biopsy workflow with our end-to-end solutions.

Phase Separator™

  • Accurate and precise liquid phase detection on the Fluent® liquid handling platform.
  • Phase detection inside the tube, unlike camera-based systems.
  • Plasma separation for 24 samples under 10 min* per arm.

Learn more about Phase Separator

DreamPrep® NAP

  • Pre-optimized configuration on the Fluent for nucleic acid extraction.
  • Run up to 96 samples using magnetic bead-scripts.
  • Applicable for Quant/Norm integration.

Learn more about DreamPrep NAP

DreamPrep NGS

  • Full walk-away open platform for HTP library prep.
  • Fast QC and normalization without sample loss.
  • Applicable for wide range of NGS protocols and sample types.

Learn more about DreamPrep NGS and Tecan’s NGS reagent

Resolvex® i300

Integrated on the Fluent, covering sample preparation, cleanup, evaporation and resuspension, using positive pressure.


Learn more about Resolvex i300

Resolvex® A200

  • Achieve maximum reproducibility using positive gas pressure.
  • Maintain consistent pressures with pneumatic clamping system.
  • Precise flow control.

Learn more about Resolvex A200

Digital Suite

  • LabNavigator™ creates a customized digital rendering of your lab and instruments that guides lab techs through workflow steps and SOPs with an intuitive interface.
  • Introspect™ monitors and optimizes instrument use and up time. Together enhancing efficiency, letting researchers concentrate on core tasks.

Learn more about Introspect, and LabNavigator

*Timing is volume dependent. Time given for separation volumes of 5 ml,

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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