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DR. TODD DRULEY | Personalized Cancer Monitoring for early and mid-stage solid tumors.



Invitae’s Personalized Cancer Monitoring (PCMTM) research panel, built with Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMPTM) chemistry to detect molecular residual disease (MRD), is a bespoke, tumor-informed liquid biopsy panel designed to provide best-in-class sensitivity and specificity to identify residual or recurrent cancer earlier than the current standard of care. The TRACERx study, conducted in collaboration with Cancer Research UK, demonstrated 93% of patients with relapsed NSCLC were detected prior to current methods with a median lead time of 136 days (maximum 1,022d), nearly twice the lead time previously reported, and a limit of detection of 0.003% allele frequency. PCM demonstrated 99.3% specificity, suggesting capability for more frequent testing than current MRD assays. In summary, the precision offered by Invitae’s PCM panel may enable MRD monitoring as a surrogate clinical trial endpoint, resulting in faster, less-expensive studies, and earlier detection of recurrent cancer facilitating rapid salvage therapy intended to improve patient outcomes.