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MOLLY ZELLER | Choosing the right DNA-Seq kit for your application.



The DNA Sequencing Core Facility at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Biotechnology Center (UWBC) has extensive experience generating a multitude of next generation sequencing (NGS) libraries. The facility works with various sample types and species – including humans, mice, microbiomes, fungi, and many more – from all over the world. With so many libraries to prepare, the team became increasingly aware that the library preparation kit that they were using was laborious, expensive and, most importantly, provided inconsistent results. There were a number of reasons that they believed were contributing to this poor kit performance, and so the team began looking for a kit offering a quick, budget-friendly and uniform workflow that addressed these issues. In this talk, Molly will explain why her group chose the Celero™ EZ DNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit for its genomic DNA library preparation workflow, and how this kit performed against other DNA-Seq library prep kits on the market.