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"Trying to automate my entire life!"

"This is an extremely effective liquid handler. It is easy to program and get going on your product. Most important it is extremely flexible allowing you to setup assays or experiments that wouldn't be possible on other liquid handlers. I highly recommend this product."

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"Another fantastic Tecan product"

"A small learning curve to program the instrument. Very powerful and versatile. Can be used in a variety of lab applications. Great service from Tecan."

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"Great instrument."

"Great instrument, user friendly."


Fluent liquid handler is ideal for laboratories looking for state-of-the-art automation to: increase productivity, streamline workflows, optimize assay precision and consistency, and relieve operators from repetitive tasks. 


Fluent Automation Workstations have been carbon neutral since the beginning of 2021. Tecan compensates all carbon emissions over the product’s life cycle from raw materials to production, delivery and disposal. We are committed to providing ‘greener’ and more user-friendly solutions.


Fluents come with DeckCheck, a camera enabled feature to help avoid errors before they impact a run. DeckCheck displays discrepancies such as missing plates or incorrectly loaded tip boxes and allows the operator to correct the situation.


Utilize excellent pipetting arms for sample aliquoting, normalization and serial dilutions, as well as plate stamping and reagent additions. Integrate devices and storage with flexible robotic gripping arms. Stay future proof with field upgradeable arms.

User interface

Custom permissions and instructions to guide every user to successful results. Embed your SOPs in every run. Ensure system maintenance is performed on time. Simple touchscreen interface for everyday use. Great for new users and operators responsible for multiple platforms.

Sample & plate identification

A wide variety of 1D, 2D, plate and tube scanners to capture sample IDs. Sample tracking connects IDs to results, and every pipetting step in between. Input and output files for LIMS/LIS integration. Great for data system integration and reporting.

Achieve full compliance

Fully-compliant software for regulated environments. Fluent Gx Assurance Software offers User Management, Sample Tracking, Audit Trails, and more. Audit Tools to support regulatory compliance. Method Approval to protect your critical assay definitions. Great for GLP, GMP or clinical environments.


Benefit from fast and precise liquid handling automation on a scalable platform with ease operator interaction.


Patented Dynamic Deck™ and modular system can be configured and reconfigured to your needs.

Field-upgradeable arms and devices.

Easy integration of third-party options and APIs.

Buy today, ready for tomorrow.

Great for protecting your investment and keeping up with the pace of innovation.

Save Sample & Reagent

Exceptional liquid level detection and dead volume reduction to conserve samples and reagents.

Fantastic low volume pipetting.

Compatible with plate formats up to 1,536-wells to meet minimization goals.

Great for saving precious samples, reagents and costs.


Take less time – fast, quiet arms that work independently.

Use less space – small footprint with dense worktable.

Below deck access – without additional robotics.

Great for getting the most out of your space and budget.

Customer Voice

This is what our customers say about the Fluent Automation Workstation and how it benefits their research.

"The Fluent pipettes incredibly precisely – it’s wonderful ... This will be particularly useful for whole genome sequencing ... to achieve high quality libraries."

"Automation frees us to focus on the areas where we add most value – analyzing data and designing experiments to answer specific project questions."

"So far we haven’t found anything it can’t do."

"Thanks to the workstations rapid liquid Handling capabilities we can now dispense small volumes of bacterial solutions .... much faster than was previously possible."


Institute for Product Quality (ifp)

Fluent Liquid Handler Specifications

System overview of all Fluent Automation Workstations. Please download the full specification sheet below for more details. Fluent offers automated solutions to suit everything from straightforward liquid handling workflows to total automation of complex processes.
Instruments Fluent 480 Fluent 780
Fluent 1080
No. of robotic arms
1-2 1-31
Flexible Channel Arms
8 pipetting channels, independent Z movement; automatic Y tip spacing from 9-38 mm
Disposable tip (DiTi) sizes
10, 50, 200, 1,000 μl – with or without filters; 10 and 350 μl – nested without filters
Tip Ejection System
Ejection of disposable tips in a contained environment to prevent aerosols. Also used for tip re–racking
Fixed tips Standard, low volume 384-well and Te-PS tips (liquid displacement pipetting system only)
Rapid Wash
Ultra-fast delivery of wash solution by diaphragm pump (liquid displacement pipetting system only)
Multiple Channel Arm
Automatically interchangeable head adapters for 96- or 384-well formats, fixed or disposable tips, access from 1-384
tips, rows as well as specific, columns and quadrants
Disposable tips (DiTi) sizes
15, 50, 125 μl in 384-well format; 50, 100, 150, 200, 500 μl in 96-well format, with and without filters
Robotic Gripper Arm
Standard or long Z axes; regular gripper head or automatic Finger Exchange System gripper head,
both with a choice of gripper fingers – eccentric, long eccentric, centric, tube; barcode reader option
Height (standard Z)
1,236 mm/48.6"
1,236 mm/48.6"
1,236 mm/48.6"
Height (long Z)
2,301 mm/90.6"
2,301 mm/90.6"
2,301 mm/90.6"
1,150 mm/45.28"
1,650 mm/64.96"
2,150 mm/84.65"
785 mm/30.9"
785 mm/30.9"
785 mm/30.9"

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There are many details to consider and not all have equal importance for your final decision. We have designed this guide to help you identify and evaluate in advance all of the details and options involved in your purchase of an automated liquid handling system.

Success Stories

Read about some of Tecan's customers using the Fluent Automation Workstation and how it influenced their daily work in the areas of clinical diagnostics, research, and life or applied sciences.

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