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Can I use a different surfactant (or surfactant concentration)?

Which surfactants can be used with the D300e for aqueous dispensing?


Brij®-35 (0.1 %), Triton™ X-100 (0.1 %) and TWEEN® 20 (0.3 %) have been tested and validated. These are the optimal concentrations needed to reduce the surface tension of water and allow the sample to flow into the microfluidic system. Slightly higher concentrations of these surfactants should not constitute a problem for accurate dispensing, but concentrations that are too high may lead to the formation of air bubbles, decreasing accuracy.

Note: It is the user’s responsibility to test the suitability of higher concentrations for their application, as these have not been validated.

We do not recommend the use of different surfactants or detergents, as they have either not been tested, or led to very high coefficients of variation (CVs). If you want to test other reagents, please be aware that the CV of the dispensed volumes may vary from specifications, and that the liquid volumes dispensed may not be correct.


2. Further information

You can find further information about what can be dispensed with the D300e in the ‘Dispensing software user guide’, which can be accessed from the D300eControl software through File > Documentation > Dispensing Software User Guide > Appendix E.


3. Further help

For further help, please refer to our Helpdesk.

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