Using the Daily System Care Method

How to keep up to date with your Fluent® maintenance

Typical root causes:

Daily system care for Fluent® instruments


First aid

This ticket describes how to use a Daily System Care Method that can be imported as a template from the FluentControl™ Master CD.

For a full outline about the System Care for the Fluent instrument, please refer to the Operating Manual Doc 396327 (for Fluent 2014) or Doc 399706 (for Fluent 2018).

To enable the implementation of the Daily System Care routine, there is a template method available that can be imported into FluentControl and adjusted to the needs of a specific instrument configuration.


Typical solution

  •  To use the Daily System Care method on your system:

  • Import the template method Daily SystemCare.zeia file

  • Change the Base Worktable of the script used by the Daily System Care method to your specific worktable

  • Check the required system care steps for your specific instrument configuration in the operating manual, and adjust the script commands as needed.



Further recommendation

If your system is operating with an Air FCA instead of a Liquid FCA, enable the group of Air FCA script commands, and disable the group of Liquid FCA script commands. Adjust the TouchTools commands at the beginning of the script to match your specific configuration.

Furthermore, check the script commands that create the report files towards the end of the script. Make sure the file paths for the reports exist, and adjust the content of the report template file to match the Daily System Care steps for your specific instrument configuration.



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